Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vrapper is nice, Vim + eclipse

I like using vim, but all day I program in eclipse, which edits like a normal editor. The refactoring capabilities are important for my Java work. I tried eclim, but trying to learn the mappings is and get setup is just too much work, and some things are not yet implemented. I think with alot of time spent on it, it could end up useful, but for now Vrapper has been nice. I installed it as an eclipse plugin and it lets you easily turn it on and off. I also like that when you are normal mode it acts like a normal eclipse editor where highlighting works as expected, then you can switch back to vim mode with the escape key and do some more powerful editing, it doesn't do everything vim does, so sometimes it's better to use the real vim, but it does alot of what you want. For that I created an eclipse tool


new-window "vim ${resource_loc}"

this lets me click my tool and open the current file I'm working on inside a new tmux window editing with vim. I typically use that when I need to do some substitutions because I like the way vim substitutes better than the modal dialog box eclipse uses.

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